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Roof Slating And Tiling Preston, Lancashire

Our Tile & Slate Roofing Services

At Elev8 Roofing Ltd, our professional roofers offer a thorough natural slate and tile roofing service of the best quality.

Whether you require installations of new tiling and slating, tile and slate repair services or slight replacements to old ones that have sustained some wear and tear over the years, look no further than our talented team.

We've garnered an impressive inventory of the highest-quality tools and equipment to ensure that your roofing is given the most suitable maintenance services that they require for sustainability and aesthetic appeal.


Slate or Tiled Roofing?

Selecting between the two materials can be incredibly challenging as both offer pros and cons.

Tiles are a significantly cheaper option, yet they come in a wide range of colours, styles and patterns that can make your home appear vast in aesthetic appearance.

However, slate is another fantastic solution as they provide increased longevity and offer a more rustic and natural appearance to your home or property.

Both offer numerous aspects that will enhance your roof structure and are both solid choices that are highly worthy of investment.

When does my slate or tiled roof need replacing?

There are a few key signs to look out for when assessing whether your slate or tiled roofing requires replacing. For example, if you begin hearing dull or dead sounds during light weather storms or wind, your structure is highly likely to have porous wear and tear and become less durable or resistant. 

Suppose approximately 20% of your original slates and tiles required replacements and repairs over recent years. Further repairs of damaged or missing slates and tiles aren't going to help the situation, and therefore, it's best to purchase a brand-new roof overall.

Roof Installations

We offer customers and clients throughout Preston, incredible roof installations that encompass a wide range of different materials and durability levels to select from. 

These different structures, styles and materials will enhance the appearance of your roof and extend its lifespan.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are essential for the health and safety of your roofing structure, which is why Elev8 Roofing Ltd professional roofers have all the skills and training to provide swift repairs to the best of their ability for incredibly durable structures.

Contact us today for further information on your roofing problems. 


Re-roofing is roofing replacement, and it is paramount for those roofing structures that are simply unsalvageable with general maintenance and fixes.

Our team of experts have fantastic equipment and tools and is fully insured to provide a complete, impressive re-roof service.


Slating is a typical style of roofing common throughout numerous households in the UK, especially in Lancashire.

It offers immense durability and structure, Elev8 Roofing Ltd can provide excellent installations, roof surveys and repairs of such material for your home or property.


Tiling is incredibly popular in household roofing, and it is offered in a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, like clay and concrete tiles.

Contact our professional roofers today, and we'll begin discussing your requirements before performing the necessary maintenance or instalments you need.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are the best way to assess the health of your roof and any of its current faults.

Our team have the insurance and qualifications to provide thorough inspections of your roofing structure, material and robustness for future services.

wide range of roofing services

New Slate Roofs

New slates are essential for providing sturdiness and security that will last for an extensive period.

Your roof must be beautiful; however, one thing about slates is their reliability and robustness, and with new slates, you can guarantee it. 

Elev8 Roofing Ltd offers its clients and customers the opportunity to have a brand-new slate roof installed onto their household or property building to restore its overall health.

NEW TILED ROOFS Preston, Lancashire

New Tiled Roofs

We aim to bring customers roofs with completely new roof tiles to impress bypassers and potential buyers in the future.A house with brand-new tiles can provide lasting value to your property, as new homeowners can guarantee safety, security and beauty before moving in.

At Elev8 Roofing Ltd, we supply a wide range of stunning tiles of various colours and patterns to select from that will add aesthetic wonder and cost to your home alongside immense durability.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation quotation and further information on your requirements.

Lancashire Tile & Slate Roofing

Suppose you're searching desperately for tile and slate roofing services across the Lancashire area; we'd highly recommend contacting us at Elev8 Roofing Ltd. Over the years, we've garnered a fantastic reputation amongst our prevalent customers and clients for the thorough jobs and craftsmanship we provide.

Our talented team of professional roofers have plenty of experience in the field working with various roofing mediums and materials that will enhance the beauty of your home alongside its reliability. We offer affordable and competitive prices to those searching for cheaper options that continue to allow for immense durability and robustness during harsh weather and various elemental happenstances.

The roofing team work tirelessly across Preston and other areas of Lancashire to bring you only the best possible quality.

Roof Slating and Tiling Preston, Lancashire

Roof Slating and Tiling

Our services offer complete roof slating and tiling to suit any household or property building throughout Preston's local areas. We offer a wide selection of roof tiles and slates. 

Flat Roof Installation Preston, Lancashire

Flat Roof Installation

Our team of roofers are well-equipped to handle any installation of brand-new flat roofing materials onto any structure or building. We ensure the job is done to the best quality.

Roof Line Maintenance Preston, Lancashire

Roof Line Maintenance

General roofing maintenance is essential for ensuring your roofing has a long lifespan and is robust for many months and years against harsh weather.